Driemastklipper Radboud

Sailing on the IJsselmeer

The Radboud is the largest three-mast clipper on the IJsselmeer (The Netherlands).

It has oceans of space thanks to its impressive size – 55 metres long and 7.5 metres wide.

The ship underwent a complete overhaul and is now classified as a five-star ship.

A sailing trip with the Radboud is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air in total comfort.



Day trip or holiday

This clipper has all the necessary facilities for a day trip or holiday that can be relaxing or active but is always comfortable.

Besides the actual sailing, all kinds of additional activities can be arranged, such as active excursions on land including museum visits or cycling trips, or laying anchor in a suitable place for bathing.

The very spacious ship has a large kitchen on board. A chef can be provided if desired.

The cabins all have their own shower and toilet.

Panorama photo

Take a look inside! The panorama photographs are extra-high quality to give you a good impression of the ship.
Deckhouse Look around by moving the picture